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Service and Repair

We are proud to be Southern Maryland's only

Authorized Fender, Peavey and Mackie Service Center!


We offer a 30-Day Warranty on all of repair work. If your item isn't exactly how you wanted it, bring it back within 30 Days and we will fix it for FREE.



Dave Thompson - Service Dept. Manager

Dave is our Fender and Peavey Certified Guitar Technician and Island Music's Service & Repair Department Manager. He personally works on each and every instrument that comes in for repair! Dave specializes in custom design (electrical, woodwork, and paint) and professional set-ups. Dave has years of experience in repair and design but most importantly, he has a love for guitars and the history behind them.In his spare time, Dave builds and customizes his own line of guitars, TFP Customs, some of which can be seen around our store.





String & Tune w/ Fret Polish & Cond $60.00
Violin String & Tune $60.00
Set Intonation $60.00
Fret Polishing $60.00 & up
Guitar Cleaning and Buff Varies
Custom Artist Set Up Varies
Custom Paint Varies
Finish Touch Ups $60.00 & up


Pickup Rewire $70.00 & up
Pickup Upgrade $65.00 & up
Pickup Adjustment $35.00 & up
Acoustic Pickup Install $65.00 & up
Pickguard Replacement $45.00 & up
Output Jack Replacement $50.00 & up
Switch Replacement $50.00 & up
Custom Electrical Work Varies
Pot Replacement $45.00 & up
Re-Soldering $60.00 & up
Potentionmeter Cleaning $60.00


Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue $75.00 & up
Bridge Replacement w/ Blank $100 & up
Violin Bridge Replacement $45.00
Binding Re-Glue $35.00 & up
Nut Replacement- Bone $65.00 & up
Nut Replacement- Plastic $60.00 & up
Nut Height Adjustment $65.00
Nut Re-Glue $60.00
Acoustic Saddle Replacement $65.00 & up
Tuning Key Replacement $50.00 & up
Dot Marker Install $75.00 & up
Headstock Repair $200.00 & up
Rout Pickup Pocket $50.00 & up
Fret Leveling $95.00 & up
Fret Recrowning $75.00 & up
Refrets $250.00 & up
Neck Adjustment $50.00 & up
Neck Replacement $60.000 & up
Strap Button Install $35.00
Custom Woodwork Varies

Super Tune


Dress & Polish Frets

Truss Rod Adjustment

Intonation & Action Adjustment

Fretboard Treatment

Machine Head Adjust/Lubricaton

Tremolo Adjustment

Clean/Lubricate Electronics


    Same Day Turn-Around Add $15