Yamaha CP88 88 NW-GH3 Key Stage Piano

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Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP88 stage piano boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, realistic piano touch and an intuitive one-to-one user interface. CP88 features an 88-key Natural Wood, Graded Hammer, triple sensor (NW-GH) keyboard with Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops – the fastest stage piano action on the market designed by a company with over 100 years of acoustic piano-making experience for professionals who demand the best. Natural Wood keys offer the weight and response that piano players expect. Adding different weight or "grading," the keyboard reproduces the feel of a piano's hammers: heavy in the low end and light in the high end. Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops are lightly porous which adds grip to the keys. This maintains accuracy during long performances or practice sessions. Finally, a third sensor allows grand piano-like key repetition where notes can be re-articulated without a complete release. This makes it easier to play fast, repeated notes and is one of the main reasons pianists choose grand pianos over uprights.



Three premium grand pianos: CFX, S700 and Bösendorfer Imperial 290
Two upright piano Voices: vintage U1 and flagship SU7
Five electric pianos for covering all music genres back to the 1970s
Yamaha Stage OS updates enhance features and add new instrument Voices
CP OS v1.1 adds Dark and Bright 67Rd, Wide Wr & Yamaha C7 grand piano Voices
Dedicated effects and effect controls for each Section (Piano, E Piano and Sub)
Master delay, reverb and EQ effects with dedicated realtime controls
Soundmondo social sound sharing gives access to thousands of free sounds
Seamless Sound Switching: change sounds while holding notes without sound cutoff
NW-GH3 keyboard with Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops
One-to-one UI for direct sound control during stage or studio performance
2 Ch. USB Audio/MIDI Interface for audio recording and playback & MIDI control
Balanced XLR & unbalanced 1/4” stereo outputs covers a wide-range of connectivity
Four-zone Master Keyboard mode lets you control external hardware and software
Dual 1/4" AUX line inputs connects second keyboards, mobile devices and more
128-note polyphony allows for complex musical passages to be played without the fear of "dropped notes"