On-Stage DB200 Mini DI Box


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Our DB200 Mini DI Box converts any high-impedance 1/4" source to a low-impedance XLR signal ready to send via a long cable run to a mixer or PA system. A cab simulator switch enables sending the input signal through an emulated amp directly to a mixer without using a physical amp. There's a switch for either +20 dB of gain to boost weak signals or a -20 dB pad to prevent clipping from louder sources. A ground-lift switch defeats ground-loop hum. When not using the DI, the true-bypass switch eliminates the circuitry of the pedal from the signal path. Balanced and unbalanced outputs provide the option to send the signal to an amp, a mixer, or both. This pedal includes hook-and-loop strips for convenient pedalboard mounting. Its heavy-duty metal enclosure protects the internal components and ensures reliable performance.



Accepts a wide range of audio sources including guitars, basses, and keyboards
Compact footprint saves space on pedal boards (includes hook-and-loop mounting strips)
Cab simulator sends the input signal through an emulated amp to a mixer or PA system
Gain/pad switch boosts weak signals or prevents clipping