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Intended for acoustic musicians seeking to amplify both instruments and vocals, the Loudbox Artist from Fishman is a two-channel combo amplifier capable of delivering 120W and 113 dB SPL. This model also allows wireless connectivity over Bluetooth 4.0, so you can easily add backing tracks or other kinds of accompaniments straight from compatible devices, such as iPhones.

Sporting a single 8" woofer and a 1" cloth-dome tweeter, the amplifier provides much in the way of tonal control. For instance, each channel offers its own low, midrange, and treble controls, as well as anti-feedback knobs and phase switches to mitigate onstage problems.

If you're using a condenser mic through one of the amplifier's combination 1/4"-XLR inputs, 24V phantom power has been provided for this purpose. If you'd like to practice silently, a headphone output is available on the front panel of the Loudbox.

Turn your attention to the rear of the amplifier and you'll see quite a few connection points—for instance, each channel has its own 1/4" effects loop, as well as its own pre-EQ, XLR DI output for use with PAs, mixers, and recording interfaces. A footswitch input allows you to remotely mute the amplifier, or conversely, to mute Effect B, enabling you to alter your sound for different sections of a song. Two separate auxiliary inputs facilitate communication with devices that include either 1/4" or 3.5mm connections, and a Mix DI output sends a combined signal of both channels to any receptive and compatible source.

Built-In Effects and Effects Routing
The amplifier includes two separate onboard effects sections, labeled Effect A and Effect B. Effect A gives you the option to select a choice from two different reverbs, a delay, and an echo, while Effect B houses two different chorus effects, a flanger, and a slap echo. A time control knob is provided for A and a modulation depth knob is offered for B. Each channel offers the ability to blend as much of Effect A as you'd like into the signal, as well as the option to add Effect B on either channel input.


In addition, the amp incorporates two different serial effect loops for patching in your own effects—one for channel one, and one for channel two. Both effect loops are located post EQ.

Other Notable Features
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for wireless streaming of backing tracks
  • Anti-feedback / notch filter controls on both channels
  • Phase switches on both channels
  • 10 dB pad and clip indicators on both channels
  • Channel Mute for speaker and XLR outputs
  • XLR DI outputs for both channels, plus an additional ground-isolated XLR for a mix of both channels
  • Selectable 24V phantom power
  • Auxiliary inputs for 1/4" and 3.5mm connections
  • Tweeter level control to attenuate the tweeter's output to taste