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How long are lessons going to be?

  • We offer 30 and 60 minute lessons.

  • Younger children and beginners are encouraged to start with 30 minute lessons.

  • Adults and students who are at an intermediate to advanced skill level are welcome to take 60 minute lessons.


Who will teach my lesson?

  • If you need help choosing the best instructor for your needs, give us a call at 301-392-3960 and our friendly lesson coordinators can make this decision a breeze.

  • You can also take a look at our instructors here.


How long should I sign up for lessons?

  • We recommend young kids and beginners try out lessons for AT LEAST one month before deciding on their long-term goals.

  • We offer great perks for our long-term students including discounts, pre-registration to events, and VIP seating!


How does scheduling work?

  • Lessons are scheduled on a first paid - first serve basis.

  • If you are looking to book one or two lessons at a time you can either use the scheduling widget on our site, give us a call at 301-392-3960, send us a text at 301-478-8616, or email our lessons coordinator at lessons@islandmusicco.com.

  • If you wish to sign up for a contract, we recommend giving us a call, sending us a text, or emailing our lesson coordinator.


If I sign up for a contract, how many lessons do I get in a month?

  • Our contracts are based around you or your student taking one lesson every week. This means that students will have 4 or 5 lessons every month depending on how the days align each month.


What if I need to stop my contract?

  • Give us a call before the first of the month that the next payment is due. This allows us to make sure the payment won't come out of your account and that we can take you off the schedule accordingly.


What if I need to cancel one of my lessons?

  • Give us a call, send us a text, or send our lesson coordinator an email at least 24 hours before your lesson and the lesson will be credited back to your account for you to use to reschedule the lesson.

  • If we do not get a 24 hour notice, you will still be charged for the lesson as we still need to pay the teacher for their time.


How do contracts work?

  • Our contracts include autopay and recurring appointments.

    • Note: For us to set you up with a contract you will need to provide a current major credit card for us to store in our secured payment system.

  • The autopay will come out on the first of the month. The frequency depends on the contract you choose.

    • Ex: If you have a monthly contract the payment will come out on the 1st of every month. If you have a 3 month contract the payment will come out on the 1st every 3 months.

  • Recurring appointments are set up so that the day and time you choose is yours until you tell us you no longer want that spot. You are still able to reschedule single or multiple lessons to other times of your choosing if your schedule changes.


How will I connect with my teacher, if I'm doing a virtual lesson?

  • You will be able to connect via either Skype, Facetime, or Zoom

  • Some teachers have found that with certain instruments one or two of these tend to work better than others.

    • If you would like to know what your teacher suggests/prefers to use give us a call, send us a text, or email our lesson coordinator.


I have multiple students, can I combine their accounts?

  • You can use one account to control the payments for the other accounts.

  • However, if you are scheduling a lesson, the lessons will have to be scheduled per account as there is currently not a way to use one account to control multiple student schedules.


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