Peavey BWX Driver Series 1808-8 CU 18" Black Widow Loudspeaker


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Over the years, Peavey's Black Widow series has become synonymous with robust sound and reliability, and the BWX Driver Series 1808-8 CU 18" Black Widow Loudspeaker is no exception. This powerful loudspeaker is engineered to deliver an impressive audio experience, with a frequency range of 35Hz-1kHz and a peak power capacity of 2000W, ensuring that it can handle even the most demanding audio applications with ease.

Crafted for high-quality sound reinforcement and musical instrument applications, the 1808 BWX driver series marks a significant advancement in the Black Widow line. It boasts a 40% increase in power handling over comparable models, which translates to less distortion and superior sound quality. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and high-performing audio solution for live performances, concerts, and events.

Design-wise, the 1808 series introduces a new, more robust cone-a variation of the Kevlar impregnated cones that Black Widow is known for. This new cone is not only stronger and tougher but also highly water-resistant, featuring a specially designed deep roll accordion surround for enhanced durability. The dustcap, made from the same exceptionally strong material, contributes to the overall resilience of the loudspeaker.

The voice coil assemblies are a testament to the meticulous engineering behind this series. Utilizing thermoset insulated aluminum or copper ribbon wire, these coils are bonded onto a heat-resistant polyimide composite former. The wire connections are solderless diffusion welded, ensuring a robust and reliable bond. To further enhance durability and heat dissipation, the solder joint is coated with a thermally conductive silicone adhesive.

In a nod to aerospace technology, the voice coil assembly is bonded to the Kevlar cone and a new super tough nylon composite spider using a thermoset epoxy originally developed for ICBM missiles. This level of adhesive strength is unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, the spider and surround are secured to the frame with a high-strength adhesive, ensuring that every component of the loudspeaker remains firmly in place.

The magnet structure of the 1808 series has undergone subtle yet impactful changes to improve power handling. While it maintains compatibility with standard BW magnet structures, the enhanced power handling is optimized when using the updated design.

True to the Black Widow legacy, this series features cast aluminum frames, replaceable basket assemblies, Rubatex gaskets, and high-reliability spring-loaded terminals. These elements contribute to the stylish and durable construction of the loudspeaker, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of frequent use.

The 1808-8 CU model is specifically designed to excel in small vented enclosures, offering surprising bass extension and very high output. Its neutral midbass balance makes it a versatile choice for various audio setups.

Peavey supports the DIY community by providing complete parameter data for these drivers, along with several recommended enclosure designs. This empowers users to build custom enclosures that maximize the performance of their Black Widow loudspeakers. It's important to note that the strength of the enclosure significantly affects bass performance, and proper construction techniques are crucial for achieving the desired sound quality.

In summary, the BWX Driver Series 1808-8 CU 18" Black Widow Loudspeaker is a testament to Peavey's commitment to producing powerful, high-quality, durable, stylish, and reliable audio equipment. Its advanced design and construction make it a superior choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts who demand the best in sound reinforcement.

Peavey 1808-8 CU Loudspeaker Features

  • Powerful 18" Black Widow Loudspeaker with a peak power capacity of 2000W
  • High-quality sound reinforcement suitable for live performances, concerts, and events
  • Durable design featuring a new, robust cone and heat-resistant voice coil assemblies
  • Reliable audio solution with 40% increased power handling over comparable models
  • Stylish and sturdy construction with cast aluminum frames and replaceable basket assemblies
  • Versatile performance, excelling in small vented enclosures with surprising bass extension