Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer


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The Minitaur is an inconspicuously compact, subharmonic bass machine designed to effortlessly integrate into any performance and computer-based music solution. Just as its progenitors, the Minitaur effortlessly does one thing above all others… wall splitting analog BASS. The solid steel enclosure of the Minitaur is deceptively simple - offering immediate access to critical sound design and performance controls only. This makes Minitaur extremely fast and easy to use--but just under the surface lies a vast expanse of dynamic and inspirational power that is instantly accessible from almost any laptop or MIDI controller.



One knob per function interface for tweaking and creating new sounds
Two oscillators with Sawtooth (Original Taurus) and Square wave-shapes for each VCO
2 Mixer VCAs for VCO levels control of Oscillators 1 and 2
Two Minimoog style ADSR Envelope Generators for modulating VCF and VCA
MIDI-syncable LFO with controls for Rate, VCO LFO Amount, and VCF LFO Amount
DIN MIDI and MIDI over USB offer complete control of sound engine
Analog Control inputs for Pitch, Filter, Volume and Gate
External audio input for processing external audio through the Mixer and Filter section
Select and save directly from front panel, via MIDI controller or with the free Minitaur Editor / Librarian software.
Editor/Librarian software, seamless DAW integration now with full Windows support
Tri, Sqr, Saw, Ramp, S&H and Filter EG modulation sources
Hard sync accesses a completely new sonic palette with your Minitaur
Modulation of OSC 2 only pairs with Hard Sync for syncopated metallic sweeps and surges
Assignable CV inputs control any feature on your Minitaur via control voltage
CV to MIDI conversion brings control voltage into your DAW for analog control over digital circuits