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The JHS Overdrive Preamp is a faithful re-creation of an unobtainable prototype of a coveted '70s-era overdrive. This guitar effects pedal boasts a simple 2-knob control set consisting of Gain and Level knobs. The Gain knob dials in everything from subtle grit to all-out grind. Level varies between a subtle "always on" sweetening effect and an arena-worthy solo boost. This stompbox also includes a slider switch that alters its clipping arrangement, unlocking a whole alternate set of tones. The Overdrive Preamp sounds great with a clean or slightly overdriven amplifier. That said, parking it in front of a British-voiced high-gain amp is a great way to achieve snarling, Yngwie-esque textures. If you appreciate golden-era "America's Pedal" overdrive tones, the JHS Overdrive Preamp delivers those sounds in a big way. Plug in, and JHS is sure you'll agree.