Rees Harps Grand Harpsicle 33 String Harp - Red


Product Overview

The Grand Harpsicle Harp is found in the hands and performances of harp professionals around the world because it fills an unusual niche. The Grand, as we call it, is light enough to easily be worn on a strap so a performance is not tied to a single spot while still offering a 33-string range and a voice which is lovely both with or without the built-in pickup in use. Pros are taking the Grand out into their audiences as well as using it in intimate or even therapy environments. Professional harpists, who so often are working with much larger and much more expensive instruments, find the Grand to be big enough without all the accompanying stress and logistics of their larger harps. And they are having fun while they are at it!



33 string floor harp
12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
43" tall (109.22 cm)
2 year warranty
4.5 octaves, G to C
Fully Levered