RainSong Nashville N-JM1100N2

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The Nashville is a bold stage guitar. The unidirectional carbon/spruce SFT soundboard is finished in an attractive 3-tone tobacco sunburst and supplemented with eye-catching appointments. To combine the stability and robustness of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics of wood, RainSong has developed SFT: Soundboard FusionTechnology. After careful experimentation, we are able to fuse a thin spruce soundboard and a unidirectional pre-impregnated carbon in a single molding step. The resulting SFT soundboard is a composite matrix that resonates as a single unit, like a solid wood soundboard. The physical properties of the carbon fiber far exceed those of the thin wood. Hence the SFT soundboard maintains the imperviousness to humidity and temperature of carbon fiber. An SFT soundboard delivers rich crystallinecarbon sound subtly colored by wood. How do you describe RainSong's JM? Three words: loud, loud, and loud. And if that's not enough, it's also loud. This is the largest body RainSong builds. The sheer size, combined with the attributes of Projection Tuned Layering and Soundboard Fusion Technology make the JM one of the loudest acoustic guitars on the planet. This guitar is loud. We had to say it again. But the JM is not just about power. The narrow waist and some layering refinements specific to the Jumbo soundboard give the JM some real fingerstyle grace. The guitar is strong, but impeccably balanced, with bass, mids and trebles distinct, clear and, dare we say it again, loud.


Top Material: Carbon/Spruce
Body Material: All-Graphite
Inlays: Custom Shark
Number of Frets: 21
Scale Length: 25.4 inches
Nut Width: 1.695 inches
Neck Material: All-Graphite
Fretboard Material: Epoxy
Finish/Color: 3-Tone Tobacco Sunburst with UV Protective, High-Gloss, Clear Urethane
Electronics: None
Case: Hardshell

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