QSC TouchMix-16


In the hands of an experienced photographer, a modern DSLR camera can create stunning images in any number of shooting conditions. The camera is pre-programmed by experienced professionals to deliver a quality image in just about any condition. Just point and shoot. The camera knows what it needs to do to give you a great shot. Same with TouchMix. It’s one of the most advanced digital mixers ever made, with features that rival consoles costing thousands more. But its real genius is how the Presets, Wizards and Simple Modes put all that power to work easily and seamlessly to deliver you an amazing mix that will have everyone convinced that you are a professional sound engineer. How? Just like the DSLR, QSC'S own team of pony-tailed professionals put everything they learned over decades of mixing live sound into TouchMix so that whether you’re a pro or not, you’ll get great results quickly, easily, and on your very first gig.




Eight DCA and eight mute groups.

Assign / Un-assign Input to Main Mix

Programmable User-Buttons.

Save your own channel presets and complete mixer scenes to internal memory or USB device.

Capturing live performance to multi-track has never been easier. Record 14 tracks (all inputs plus a stereo mix) directly to USB hard-drive. Mix down on TouchMix or import into your favorite DAW.

Security Lockout Modes

USB Wi-Fi interface and carrying case are included.

Input channel preset library features over 100 presets developed by experienced concert engineers specifically for live sound applications.

Wizards assist with input gain adjustment and effects selection and routing. On board, multi-language Info system for instant access to the user manual in Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

20 Total Inputs

6 mono auxiliary mixes (XLR) and 2 stereo auxiliary mixes.

The 2 stereo aux outputs can drive wired in-ear monitors (IEM) directly.