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Ovation Double Neck - Ruby Red Burst


With its specially designed Super-Shallow composite body-a favorite of stage performers-Ovation’s Celebrity double neck combines 6- and 12-string guitars into a single, easy-to-play instrument. With a Spruce top, lightweight bracing that’s designed to enhance punch and projection, this guitar covers all the bases. Ovation’s pioneering multi-sound hole design enhances string vibration and sustain by improving soundboard efficiency. Both slim necks are easy to play, and twin cutaways insure easy access to the either fret board. The OP-24+ preamp has 3-band EQ with the option to select 400 Hz or 1 kHz as the middle-band frequency, and a Pre-Shape circuit reduces rumble from frequencies below 40 Hz that can trigger feedback. A 3-way toggle switch allows players to quickly shift between 6- to 12-string pickups, or use a combination of both.

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